Lego Robotics at PS 115

Can you believe that 2010 is coming to an end?  Time seems to fly this time of year!

Time was definitely flying during the Lego robotics activity I got to observe at PS 115 a few weeks ago!  Students participating in the Children’s Arts and Science Workshop after-school program were working with Teachers College graduate students; half of the group was working with Michael building their robots while the other half worked with Jonathan mastering some programming basics so they will be able to control their robots once completed.

It takes a lot of focus to learn basic programming...

...and a lot of patience to put together all the small parts that build a robot!

Both TC students and CASW students did not have a lot of time to explain what they were doing as they had to pay careful attention to the task at hand but they were very generous in letting me take photos of them at work.  One of my favorite things about observing this project in this classroom was all of the collaboration I saw, everywhere I looked people were working together!

Working together to learn how to program the robots.

Working with Michael to find the right pieces.

In a few more weeks these robots will be fully assembled, programmed to do some basic tasks like move in a rectangle, and some really exciting tasks like dancing and fighting with other robots!  I’ve been invited to return and document the robots in their complete and programmed state – keep checking the blog, I’ll be excited to share the pictures with you!