Kicking off the year, and the website!

Last Friday, September 30th, an event was held at Teachers College which has been in the making for the last two years – the Harlem Ivy website was launched!!

We have a website!!

The website has been in production for the past two years.  After extensive design changes and content changes the finishing touches were added to the site the week of September 26th and it went live on Saturday the 30th.  Harlem Ivy recognized all of the hard work that web designers (particularly Wilson Flete, Group Leader at PS 161, Matt Vincent, Web Support at Teachers College, and Haeng Seoul, Harlem Ivy Media Specialist) put into the site with a celebration in the EarthFriends room!

So excited to be at TC, and to see the website!

Students from the Harlem Children’s Zone program at PS 154 were happy to attend to eat the delicious food prepared by the EarthFriends staff (food the students will be preparing themselves during their time in EarthFriends this semester!) and to see the beautiful site put together after many hours of hard work and dedication by Wilson, Matt and Haeng!

Delicious food from the EarthFriends room!

HCZ staff selecting food for the students.

Once everyone was fed it was time to take a closer look at the website.  After spending years putting it together I was thrilled to be able to walk students through it for the first time, it was so fun to see it projected on the big screen in the EarthFriends room!

Raise your hand if you participated in Harlem Ivy programming - you may be on the website!!

Recognize anyone? :)

Students and staff all loved the website.  Favorite parts included the Service Learning videos, Twitter posts that students from all four Harlem Ivy sites had written, and EarthFriends recipes that students can now easily share with their families through the website!  We are so excited to have a space on the internet for all things Harlem Ivy and can’t wait to upload more videos, more Tweets, more recipes, and more fun!

Bring on the educational fun!

In more Harlem Ivy news Harlem Ivy kicked off its fourth year of programming this Monday, October 3rd!  Service Learning and Earth Friends programming were introduced at all four sites, graduate students who are running the program were thrilled to get into the classroom and meet the students they will be working this semester. I was not in the classrooms with my camera as I wanted to give people some time to settle in before I started snapping pictures all over the place, but I plan on being in the classroom next week and can’t wait to share real-time updates of Harlem Ivy programming with you as the year progresses!