Community Word Project: Harlem Ivy’s talented staff

| April 11, 2011

Since 2008 Teachers College has partnered with the Community Word Project ( to help bring poetry to life for Harlem Ivy students and families. This past weekend Teachers College hosted the second training workshop for Harlem Ivy staff who are leading the program for students at all four sites.

One of my favorite things about the Community Word Project trainings is that they provide a time for Harlem Ivy’s wonderful site staff to stretch their imagination and share their talents. At this second workshop participants received a copy of the community poem that leaders from all four sties contributed to in the first CWP training back in January. Reading it again participants were struck by its beauty and how much they admired their work revisiting it just a few short months later. Without further fanfare, here is the community poem written collaboratively by talented staff from Harlem Ivy’s four sites:

I smile to the music in my window.
I smile when I see kids running out the store.
On my block, I hold my own. Even though I have friends, I still feel alone.
I smile when I walk in my house and see my loving, crazy family.
I smile when I hear my daughter’s squeaky voice saying, “Good morning mommy.”
Cruz on my block, you never know who got knocked over by the po-po.
I smile when I don’t tastefully frown.
I smile silly when I wake up in the morning thanking glorious God for another precious day.
On my block, there’s a lot of nervous, thick air, innocence starving for help. But there’s no one there.
I smile when I look down the block with my smell Parmesan packed pizza and everyone looks.
On my money-making block, people are always out there trying to make wild bread.
I smile to the music in my window.